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About Us
Who We Are
Welcome to loom tapestry, a privately owned, family run company, specialising in tapestry wall hangings and woven accessories. Our aim is to provide clients with a wonderful selection of quality jacquard woven tapestries carefully chosen from mills in Flanders, Belgium, and to reflect our passion and commitment to both our product and our clients. Oh and first class customer service, of course.
Our tapestry wall hangings, tapestry cushions and tapestry accessories are available in both traditional and contemporary styles. We update our products regularly and we are confident that you will find something you are looking for, however please do contact us if you cannot find it as we have new products joining the range all the time. customerservice@loomtapestry.com
What We Do 
A tapestry wall hanging is designed to be a piece of joy to decorate your home, much like a portrait or work of art and we offer an interesting range that extends to famous artists like William Morris, Edward Burne, Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Klimt, Boucher and Mucha. We have collections of the famous unicorn series, La Manta, not forgetting King Arthur and the Holy Grail; all available in a range of sizes.
Our comprehensive ranges of cushions include family heirloom favourites like the Flower Fairies from Cicely Mary Barker, Beatrix Potter and Lesley Anne Ivory’s cats as well as accompaniments to our tapestries from William Morris and the Fine Art tapestry pieces.
We welcome you to take the time and browse through the extensive range we offer. You will, we are sure, enjoy the experience.
All of us at loom tapestry love feedback. We thrive on it and have a notice board in the office dedicated to it! It helps us to offer you the best ranges and keeps the Customer Services team with smiles (occasionally grins) on their faces. To this end we offer our guarantee. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, we offer a 30day, no fuss, return or exchange policy. Our loom tapestry site is safe and secure, keeping our customers protected. Enjoy peace of mind whilst you are shopping.
Your tapestry and tapestry cushions and accessories are a pieces of art that is designed to last with a timeless quality. Tapestry wall hangings are a unique and prized possession, one that can be enjoyed today, and by your generations to follow. Tapestry wall hangings not only bring beauty into your home, they also possess a sense of history. Produced by artisans for centuries, a tapestry wall hanging incorporates the past and the present. Today, tapestries are works of art. Grace your home with the elegance of a tapestry wall hanging and enjoy the ambience this rich and exquisite art form can create within a room.  Loom tapestry is passionate about the tapestries and tapestry products that we sell, and we know you will be to.

If you feel we can improve our service in any way please email customerservices@loomtapestry.com